Chris Tachibana

I work in one of the most remote locations on the island of Oahu. Adventures and eating are my career

May 20, 2022 · 4 minutes

The pancakes are iconic

From humble beginnings to a staple in Waikiki

This writer has known about Eggs ‘n Things since he was a freshman in high school, which was a very long time ago. Back then, Eggs ‘n Things was a small restaurant on the 2nd floor walk up in front of the Waikiki Post Office. It was popular, but nothing crazy. Granted, growing up in Hawaii, you’re not really tuned into what’s going on on Kalakaua Avenue, which is Waikiki central. For me, I worked a bunch of part-time jobs in and around Waikiki so I knew about it. 


Fast forward two decades, and Eggs ‘n Things is world famous. Printed and talked about on countless travel blogs and websites, the restaurant has expanded to 4 locations on the island, not to mention in Guam and multiple locations in Japan. What?! How did a small breakfast joint become an international breakfast monolith?

eggs n things breakfast oahu hawaii

First and foremost, it’s the pancakes. If you are looking for a decadent, over-the-top experience, this is the place. The portions are huge and the menu is extensive. We decided to go for the popular macadamia nut pancake and added some pineapple to give it an extra Hawaiian flair. Even the menu states that the pancakes are “what people come here for.” The macadamias are locally sourced and If you are a fan of whipped cream, you can order the pancakes with a mountain of whipped cream. The pancakes themselves (that come 5 in an order!) are thick and hearty. I like that the fruit and nuts are mixed into the batter before being cooked on the griddle in addition to being added on top. The macadamia nuts were wonderfully toasty and paired well with the tartness of the fresh diced pineapples. You have a choice of syrups: the basic maple syrup as well as guava and coconut for a tropical twist.

eggs n things breakfast oahu hawaii

The Hawaiian sweet bread French Toast is my personal favorite. This writer thinks that this is one of the best breakfast starch dishes around. First off, Hawaiian sweet bread aka Portuguese sweet bread is delicious. It is soft and pulls apart easily. Pineapple juice is the secret ingredient that gives the bread the familiar flavor and sweetness. Making french toast from Hawaiian bread is genius. At Eggs ‘n Things, this humble bread is transformed into a custardy golden brown breakfast dish that is classic and perfect. This writer has been to Eggs ‘n Things twice this month just to eat this dish.

eggs n things breakfast oahu hawaii

If you are wanting a healthy option, the “Egg Whites & Veggies” is a nutritionally well-balanced dish. It happens to be one of the more affordable dishes too. You get thick cuts, slices and chunks of vegetables such as cucumber, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, celery, tomato, onion and I’m not sure what more I missed. The egg white makes it heart healthy and binds the veggies together. For most of the dishes you have a choice between rice, pancakes and potatoes for starch. We chose the potatoes. All in all, this dish was delicious and healthy. It was simply a good breakfast choice.

eggs n things breakfast oahu hawaii

Finally, we wanted to try a classic egg and sausage dish. After all, we were at Eggs ‘n Things. We ordered the “Chicken Mango Sausage & Eggs.” We paired this with Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes. You have a choice of how you’d like your two eggs so we had them sunny side up. You got two full sausages cut in halves making 4 slices. The sausage was succulent and mildly sweet due to the mango. The buttermilk pancakes are classic and a bit basic, but well executed.


Finally the buttermilk pancakes. You get a 4 stack which is plenty. They were basic. Nothing to write home about but if you’re into pancakes this will fill you up. 


So, would we recommend Eggs N Things? I think if you can find a reservation or even better use a third party app to have it delivered wherever you’re staying it is well worth it. I would visit any of the locations if you are looking for a crazy looking pancake with whip cream and fruits. If you are visiting Hawaii with kids, it might actually be really fun to share a couple of monster pancakes with the whole family.