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Surf the streets of Oahu’s south shore in style!
This sunset tour boasts a unique three-wheeled electric scooter called the Cycleboard. Feel the breeze as adventure seekers roll effortlessly through the world famous promenades and boardwalks of Oahu.
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Page Last modified April 18, 2022

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segway hawaii honolulu diamond head waikiki cycleboard

  • Great for couples and family
  • Get the hang of riding in 5 minutes     
  • Amazing photo opportunities and a ton of laughs along the way
How to prepare
  • Apply sunscreen before riding 
  • Comfortable clothes, footwear and eyewear recommended   
  • There is a small bag on the front of all scooters that can accommodate your belongings
" first I was a bit hesitant since I thought it was going to be gimmicky like most local tours are, but boy was I wrong."..."excellent customer service"..."excellent knowledge of the area (I am a local and I can acknowledge this)"..."made you feel like you were right at home with family, and that in my opinion, is what Hawaii is all about!"
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– Tyler Hiranaka
"This was super fun! Unlike anything I have tried. Effron and Josh were so fun and accommodating. Living here my wife and I are always trying to find fun things to do"
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– Ken B
Honolulu, HI
Company Overview

This tour is fantastic for people of all ages, couples, groups, and families who want to visit multiple locations on Oahu’s south shore. You’ll have a chance to visit local iconic locations that boast amazing ocean and landscape. The board itself is easy to learn even if you can’t ride a bicycle. Lastly since it is a sunset cruise you’ll have a ton of photo opportunities to catch the sun setting over the ocean.

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