Laniloa Beach, also known as Bikini Beach

A low key beach in Laie
Bikini Beach is a small, low key beach in Laie just south of the Laie Point. It's a good place for sunbathing and diving into a good book. The warm shallow water is perfect for cooling off between chapters. Reviews   

Sandy area next to the cliffs of the Laie point.

There aren’t as many people who come to this beach compared to others.

This beach is a good place to relax and read a book.

How to prepare

There is not designated parking for beach access. There are four access points to the beach. One across from the Marriott, one next to the bus stop at the Kamehameha Hwy and Naniloa Loop intersection, and one more several hundred yards north from there. There is also access from the Laie Point. You have to take public access stairs down to the beach. Street parking on Naniloa Loop is the easiest spot to park and cross the highway since there is a crosswalk there for the bus stop.