Lanikai Beach

One of the most picturesque beaches on the island
Soft white sandy beach with gentle waves and a picturesque view of the Mokulua islands. Reviews    Kailua

  • Soft white sand
  • Clear blue water
  • Kayaking or paddle boarding to the islands
How to prepare
  • stop at Kailua Beach park for bathrooms and showers
  • There are no bathrooms or lifeguards at this beach.
  • Bring sunscreen, beach towels or even an umbrella
  • Get a kayak to take to the islands
"The surf was real calm, the sand is nice not too rough. You can go for a nice swim and there are places for paddleboard or canoe rentals and you can check out the islands just across from the beach."
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– Cody Nowell
"It is best to come first thing in the morning, there will be plenty of parking and the beach isn't as busy. We have found that later in the day is when it gets pretty crazy here."
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– Cassidy Baker
"Lanikai Beach is consistently regarded as one of the best beaches in the world. The water is clear and perfect temperature, the view is amazing as there are multiple islands just off the coast"..."However, this is not a state maintained beach so there are no bathroom facilities, or any parking. But the The Bus does service this area so you can park in town and take the bus out to the beach."
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– Healthcare Advocate