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October 7, 2017 · 4 min read

Pounders throws waves for bodysurfing

Powerful waves for bodysurfing and boogie boarding, a river with a rope swing, and the remains of an old pier are some of the unique features of this beach.

Pounders has a sandy bottom that is prime for bodysurfing. Swimmers need to keep themselves clear of the rock to avoid hitting reef. Powerful waves have the capacity to seriously injure swimmers and boogie boarders so use caution in the water here. Head and neck injury are a couple of the risks. You will find smaller waves the further north along the beach you go.

This is a typical Pounder’s wave. Waves crash onto the rock and bounce back forming a nearly perpendicular wave with the oncoming wave. These odd waves form when two waves meet.


This side of the beach is more appropriate for families or younger childeren who aren’t as experienced in the water. It is a good place to practice if it is your first time bodysurfing. You can also see the old pier in the distance. Be aware, the current can get pretty strong where the pier is.

You will walk past this river with the rope swing if you are walking towards the old pier. It’s a fun hidden gem.



The possibilities for this old pier are endless. We set up a slackline over the water here once. Having waves moving underneath me messed with my balance but it was a fun challenge. A local built a wood frame that supported a trampoline that set on the metal posts. As of 10/06/2017 it is not there. The fabric would wear out and he would replace it, but now with the frame is gone I’m not sure he is going to make another any time soon.

This beach park offers picnic tables and benches along with a beach shower. There are no public restrooms here. There is a parking lot designated for beach access.