How to Cancel or Request a Refund

Since you are booking direct with most of our operators listed on, You’ll be receiving a confirmation email directly from the operator you booked with which should look something like this:


You’ll get the contact info for the operator right at the top of the email along with a receipt from the operator you booked with. If you arn’t going to make it for the tour, or have urgent questions, call the tour operator, they can help you.


Cancellation Policies

The operator’s cancellation policy is located all throughout your booking and confirmation process right next to the payments field when you are booking:



You can also find the cancellation policy and the company’s contact info at the bottom of the confirmation email and reminder emails:



If there are any problems with your booking, please contact your operator. They software they use makes it easy to process refunds, rebookings and cancellations.

If you have any more questions, feel free to call us at (808)498-1894